Pure, Herbal Deodorant – Effective, Safe


Herbal Healing Deodorant

heart-and-flowersOnly 4 ingredients

Shea Butter/Coconut Oil base for added healing

Customers Say:

“I need to tell you that I have used all the natural, organic, bio-dynamic, etc. deodorants all my adult life. I had finally settled on a blend of two deodorants, which I had to apply 3 times a day (because I exercise vigorously everyday). But the deodorant you have created is definately, beyond a doubt, the best deordorant I have every used! I apply it only once and it works way better on all counts than all the others!” – Shireen D., California
“After using this amaZing natural product, I would recommended it to any and all women. It is truly natural, love the lavander aroma and it really protects and no harm or chemical ingredients..!!! Ready to make the change!! I would love to order 2 or 3 for friends and family members.”  MMW, California

“I am also a believer! I wore this through dance and Nextbarre classes and was astonished with how well it works!  Love. It!”  KH, California

Deodorant samples

Click Here to order

Healing Deodorant    $10.50 +shipping

“Your Path to Renewed Health.”

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