Walking Around the Garden this Morning

My L-shaped back yard is undergoing slow re-landscaping! This mean my boyfriend and I are doing the work when we can.

Walking in the yard, even in its transitional phase, is soothing and grounding. Birds are frequently twittering in the plentiful trees in our neighborhood, and as of yesterday a couple is building a nest under the little metal awning over our kitchen window. They’ve been very busy this morning.

I noticed the mint patch needed weeding, so I decided to do it right then.  I pulled the pesky grass and sticky weeds up, enjoying the sound of our wind chimes playing tunes with the light breeze.

A few truant branches from our neighbor’s plum-tree, dangle their limbs over the fence. Another favorite of mine.. sour plums! They are a street-vendor food in many Mediterranean countries, sold with a twisted corner of newspaper containing salt.

One of my fondest childhood memories is climbing up my Uncle Yusef’s fruit-laden mulberry tree with my 3 cousins, and within minutes getting tattooed with purple splotches.
When they are still white they actually have a flavor, unlike any I can describe.
Well, this year my sweetheart, who has heard the mulberry tree story more than once, surprised me with this weeping mulberry. Isn’t it darling?

Next year I hope to be covered in purple!

He also planted a dogwood just outside our den window, so can enjoy its lovely blossoms.  Little yellow flowers have already appeared on its wispy baby branches. It will be gorgeous next summer.


The parsley plants against the house are rather perky this morning.  We had an amazing rainfall last week, and they apparently enjoyed it. And from the looks of it, so did the sage.


Yesterday I asked my son to grab what ever lemons were left on our trees, and he brought me 6.  This crop is almost all gone but I was sure there were more than 6 left.  I was right. He’s so tall that I don’t think he remembers to look low for stuff!

I was able to reach most of the Meyer lemons that were left; some can stay on the branches for another week.  I noticed that new lavender and white buds dotted the trees.  They are amazingly prolific.

I filled my pockets and arms I carried today’s harvest into the kitchen.  We have organic tomato, Armenian cucumber, black beauty zucchini and snap pea seeds to plant next week.

Even if you’re not into gardening, put a chair in your back yard and chill with a book or a glass of cold minted green tea (or hot depending on the climate!), and let nature do its magic on your mind, body and soul.  It will, you know.

~ Cheers!




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