Lentil Soup with Chard

Shawrabit Adas bi Hamud  = literally, Lentil Soup with Lemon This is the traditional Lebanese name for this soup, which is a popular winter meal in the mountain villages. It's fragrant and hearty, and sure to warm you from the inside out.  The following recipe is based on my Mom's version, adjusted to lower the fat … Continue reading Lentil Soup with Chard

Are You a Bean? or … the Lentil Love Affair

Da Facts The lentil (Lens ensculenta) is a legume that grows in pods containing one or two lentil seeds.  They are believed to have originated in central Asia. Lentils have been eaten by humans since Neolithic times and were one of the first domesticated crops.  In the Middle East, lentil seeds have been found dating … Continue reading Are You a Bean? or … the Lentil Love Affair

Lentil n Rice Mash aka Mjaddara

Mjaddara - Background I make this dish when I want to travel back to my youth, to the days when someone else took care of me and cooked my favorite dishes, to a time when summers were spent at cousin's houses...walking downtown among colorful shops and busy streets... with multi-flavor ice cream cones in hand, … Continue reading Lentil n Rice Mash aka Mjaddara

If You Won’t Drink it… Eat it!

So you don't like tea.  My boyfriend thinks it's only necessary to treat tummy aches... siiigh. This from a man dating a girl who is more British than the Brits about daily tea.  Well, apparently there are a number of you slightly odd people out there, fighting against the scientific evidence that drinking 3 - … Continue reading If You Won’t Drink it… Eat it!

The Overlooked, Misunderstood Dandelion

Once upon a time there was a tall, slender green plant called a Dandelion.  Its name came from 'Dent-de-lion' which means lion's tooth in French.  This is due to its jagged edged leaves. Unfortunately, when you say 'Dandelion' many people think of the tiny yellow flowers and the stemmed puffs of white wispy hairs that … Continue reading The Overlooked, Misunderstood Dandelion

Science of Self – 7 – Positive Identity Shaping Techniques*

I love this site and found this post very interesting. I thought you might too. Anything that helps us understand how our attitudes and beliefs shape our thinking and lives, will enable us to overcome ‘programming’ that is less than healthy. Cheers!

*Cross-listed course: this article appears under Psychic Mind and Science of Self, with changes and additions to emphasize the ways these principles are used in the different subjects. Take a look at the different applications by clicking the links for each subject above.

You’ve heard over and over again the adage: “You get what you give” and the basis for this is rooted in science. We tend to see more positive aspects of the world when we are happy, versus seeing the ills and evils in the world when we are depressed. Mood and other social influences can shape our world view and our world view can perpetuate itself in a cycle of self-creation. In this section, we will explore attribution theory and its application in the world to promote positive self-identity and its power in influencing people.

As a species, we have such a desire to explain…

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Argentinian ‘Pesto’

Chimichurri Sauce In South America this sauce is traditionally used over grilled meats.  It works well with fish as well. You may adjust spiciness as you like.  4 servings 1 c. organic Flat Leaf Parsley, chopped 1/2 c. organic Baby Arugula, chopped 2 cloves Garlic, minced 1/4 tsp. fresh organic Oregano 1/4 tsp. crushed Red … Continue reading Argentinian ‘Pesto’