Am I Beating a Dead Horse? Then Why is He Still Twitching?

Honestly, how many ways do we have to hear a Glaring Truth before we embrace it?
It’s like your Mom telling you to wash your dirty hands before you eat. You know you should, you know she’s going to ask you to, but until she repeats it for the ~nth time, you’re not going to.
Well, it’s the same with that N-word.. NUTRITION!  We know not eating well is going to catch up with us.  If we don’t have a strong immune system we’re going to eventually succumb to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or a host of other illnesses. SO WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?
I don’t know.. maybe every person thinks..”It won’t happen to me“.. until it does.
Last night we had the Biophotonic Scanner session at my house, per my post yesterday. So the range is 10,000 – 60,000+, with 10,000 being a very poor Carotenoid rating. (The patented Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first immediate, noninvasive method of measuring overall carotenoid antioxidant activity in a person’s body.)
The two youngest in our family (9 and 12) scored highest of the youngsters! My daughter (25), who has a good diet and cooks a lot of veggies, scored 37,000.  Not ideal. She was shocked.  The nutritionist explained that stress, or prescription medications can lower our anti-oxidant levels, because what we produce goes immediately to address the stress or depletion from meds, so there are no reserves.
Well it wasn’t stress, but it was the birth control pills (which apparently deplete your B vitamins!) So here is a scenario of someone who thought they were ‘uber’ healthy…good food, no stress, yoga and hiking…but had it not been for the anti-oxidant scan would have never known they were vulnerable to inflammation and illness.
She started the taking a high quality, super-absorbable supplement which includes vitamins plus minerals and all the important anti-oxidants, that I bought for her last week.
My son (16) came in at 27,000!  He eats relatively well, but heavy on the carbs.  So he fell in the category that 80% of Americans are deemed to be in. He was shocked, and now thankfully motivated to have both salad and vegetables when I pass them around the table.
Being a think ahead Mom, I anticipated he may have a low reading, so I started him on the well researched Teen Supplement formula from Pharmanex (under $20), since I trust their science and purity.
J came in at 47,000, not bad, but he started taking the ‘Lifepak’ supplement to raise his score.  My reading was a whopping 73,000.  YAY!
It seems like common sense that we should all be eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but common sense or not―researchers want data from well conducted studies on which to base their conclusions. This is why the findings of several recent studies are so important.
According to Steve Wood, Ph.D., Dir Research & Development at Nu Skin, one such study known as the EPIC study (2007), followed dietary and lifestyle factors of more than 41,000 individuals. After 7 years of gathering data, researchers made the conclusion: high intakes of fruit and vegetables are associated with reduced mortality. The researchers went on to explain that the benefits of fruits and vegetables are likely due to their antioxidant content.
Whether you view a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as ‘common sense’ or ‘scientific fact’― very few people are actually eating the foods they know they should. In 2008 the Center for Disease Control reported the changes of fruit and vegetable consumption in the United States from 1994 to 2005 (BRFSS). More than 1.2 million people participated in the survey; the results showed that over the course of the 9 years analyzed, fruit and vegetable consumption decreased by 0.22 servings per day.
A decrease of 0.22 servings might not sound bad to you, but Americans weren’t exactly consuming copious amounts of produce to begin with.
Another study base on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reported that less than 11% of the nearly 24,000 Americans surveyed achieved USDA guidelines for both fruit and vegetable consumption, that means 9 out of 10 people do not consume the recommended two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables each day.
In fact, 2 out of 3 people reported that they consumed less than one serving of fruit per day – and that included orange juice as a serving of fruit!
A shocking 25% of participants reported that they ate no servings of vegetables per day (Casagrande 2007). Despite huge investments in government programs like the 5 a day program, recommendations simply aren’t translating into dietary habits.
Our wide-spread failure to achieve optimal nutrient intake does not mean we ought to abandon all efforts to better our diets.
Supplements should not replace a healthy diet, however a properly formulated nutritional supplement delivers an important and measurable benefit to human nutrition and health. It is interesting to note that the Healthcare Professionals Impact Study (2009) found that 72% of physicians and 89% of nurses used dietary supplements regularly, and a similar 79% of physicians and 82% of nurses recommend the use of supplements to their patients.
Contact me for information on getting the  Lifepak comprehensive, bio-available Supplement, guaranteed to raise your anti-oxidant levels.
~ In Good Health

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