So What’s All the Commotion?

Well, at our house it’s the reverberations from our Anti-oxidant levels screening 10 days ago!

My children, my boyfriend and two friends who came by that night are now on the highly bio-available and pure  multivitamin/mineral/anti-oxidant formula that guarantees you will increase your antioxidant levels in 2 months, or your money will be promptly refunded!

That’s the kind of promise I can get behind!

I continue with my supplements thrilled that I scored a whopping 73,000 on the scale of 10,00060,000 …with 10,ooo being very poor (your immune system will not be able to protect you from disease.)

So with 10 days down and 50 to go. They’ve all pledged to increase their intake of veggies by 1 – 2 servings a day as well.  Yay!

Below are the Ingredients in the Supplement, and what you should aim for when choosing one.  And you know me… I like giving you independent opinions and articles on most everything I post here about health.  So click here for the science behind this formula. 🙂



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