Every Time I Hear About Someone Losing the Fight. . .

I am still shaken when I hear about someone who has succumbed to cancer.  My first thoughts are:

  • Were they doing everything they could to heal?
  • Were they told that revving your immune system and avoiding a diet that feeds cancer, skyrockets your chances of licking the disease?

Statistics mean nothing to me because of this very point.  No one tracks what a cancer patient is doing once they go home.  Are they staying positive and incorporating laughter and fostering loving relationships during their journey?  Are they eating well, taking the well-studied supplements that help neutralize cancer? Are they taking a holistic approach?

Anti-oxidants are now well researched and their role in boosting our Immune function is no secret.  Cinnamon, says a study published by the National Institutes of Health, has been shown to be just as powerful and in some cases, more powerful than Chemotherapy!


Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory and helps thin the blood ( a critical function because the blood of people who develop cancer gets more sticky). It decreases the likelihood of recurrence, like eating cold-water fish does.

Curcumin – the active ingredient in the miracle spice Turmeric – has been studied extensively at MD Anderson Cancer Center and is one of the only agents that can attack the nucleus of a cancer cellsomething even Chemo cannot do!

Vitamin D3 – this vitamin, in which most Americans are deficient, is a cancer risk marker! Women with low Vitamin D levels (under 50) are much more likely to develop breast cancer.

Moderate Exercise

Walking 20-30 minutes, 5 + times a week, has great benefits.  It improves your mood, helps reduce blood glucose levels, brings more oxygen into your body, and aids in treatment symptoms.

The Mental Connection

Surrounding yourself with supportive friends who lift you up has immeasurable benefits. So does seeing disease as a request for change…an opportunity to break old patterns that are negative or no longer serve you. My experience gave me a deeper appreciation of life, its many gifts, and the love around me.

Without the above, NO STUDY should predict what % of x-number of patients live 10 years after recurrence, and that 30% will have no recurrence, and 46 % of breast cancers will appear in the other breast… etc..  If those stats refer only to people who have Chemo and do nothing else…who follow no restrictions in diet and do not support their health with nutrition, and give in to the fear perpetuated by the medical community…then they may have their place.

But do patients,  even Celebrities know this? No, not unless they seek out a Holistic practitioner.

Several of the western medicine doctors I have worked with in the past 2 years admitted that they only had ONE class in Nutrition during Med School!!!  I knew much more than they did how powerful nutrition is in healing.  My radiologist asked me for a list of the supplements I was taking, and what the benefit of each one was.  She was the only doc interested enough to begin to explore that aspect of wellness. How sad is that??

Herein lies my passion.. to get the word out, to be a resource for more information, to help others increase their quality of life and God Willing their chances of beating their illness and keeping it at bay through proper nutrition and mind-body support.

Please spread the word!

~ Be Well.


2 thoughts on “Every Time I Hear About Someone Losing the Fight. . .

  1. you’re doing a fantastic job by researching, sharing your knowledge and experience selflessly. if you affect healing and enlightenment in one person’s life and cause them to change course then it was all worth the effort and conviction!! kudos

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