Herbal Index: Common Herbs and Their Uses “D, E, F”

Hear, Hear for Herbs!


Medicinal Uses: Dandelion, commonly thought of as a weed, is a very useful medicinal herb and can be found growing wild or purchased in the store. Dandelion as a culinary treat is very beneficial. It is full of vitamins A and C, beta carotine, potassium, with enough iron and copper to keep you healthy. You can eat the leaves, stalk, and flowers as a salad. Dandelion tea is a safe, gentle tonic for digestive issues, constipation, indigestion and fatigue. It can also help strengthen the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach and intestines and reduces inflammation from hepatitis or cirrhosis. Dandelions also promote kidney function, thereby improving overall health and clearing up skin problems. The sap from stems applied directly to acne, warts, and calluses is an effective treatment. Roasted, ground, dandelion root is a good coffee substitute as it eliminates fatigue yet contains no caffeine.

Outward Magical Properties: Persistence…

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2 thoughts on “Herbal Index: Common Herbs and Their Uses “D, E, F”

  1. oh, what would we do without dandelion? In Montreal, I saw many Mediterranean women with huge garbage bags and kitchen knives raiding public parks and road shoulders foraging for the precious dandelion. yum!

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