Under Night

Night completed its arch below the sky, and as moonlight melted it bathed every non-shadowed surface in feather-deep liquid silver.

Where it was less than generous the meandering semi-lit matter was cloaked in a gauzy twilight-blue mantel. Pencil sharp outlines now muffled, softened by broad brush strokes encroaching on one another.


There is something pleasing to the eye when distinctions are hazy.  There is something pleasing to the soul when all is one blended, permeating energy…when trees meld into sidewalks that skirt moon-drenched lawns that turn upwards in the of form square houses, reaching a dark chimnyed hand to touch the sky.

Night… where the faces and features of people no longer matter, their separateness blurred as they join the stillness between earth and stars.


Time cannot be measured as easily when night’s moon slows its unstoppable flow.  Everything breathes a little more deeply snuggled under the veil of protective night.

Haste to accomplish busy-ness is suspended, and movement takes on a honeyed quality, its urgency removed.

Shades of twilight blue, sliver and deep gray are the canvass of this altered world, this closer to Truth version of what really is…how reality is.

We walk through the heavy night air nameless, what a blessing.  Gone the woven lie of separation. I can be you can be me can be one, interchangeable being…life’s unity apparent.

HAC © 2012


2 thoughts on “Under Night

  1. a certain peace descended when i read this. I felt that blissful stillness and oneness with the cosmos. yislamu ya hoda

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