Who is in Your Driver’s Seat?

I have felt immediately devastated in the past, after letting a word slip out in anger, or sending a meaningful look of disapproval someone’s way. Just a split second before, I could have engaged my higher knowing and censored myself, but it’s so easy to act on impulse, and think later.

It is our natural mode… auto-pilot… and the pilot is our Ego.

It’s not supposed to be easy to think before we act, it’s supposed to take concerted effort and great control… since one of our tasks while we are here on Earth is to tame our sense of ‘me’ and ‘I’, in order to focus more on the ‘You’.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said,

We frequently say, ‘I dislike him,’ ‘I wish to avoid her,’ but if we examine this carefully, we find it is the same element in all that we dislike, the ego. And when we turn to ourselves to see if we have it in us, we find it is there too. We should forget it, therefore, in other people, and first turn our attention to crushing it within ourselves.

We should determine to have our house clean even if other people neglect theirs. We should be careful to take away from ourselves any thorns that prick us in the personality of others .. The mystics fast (to crush) the ego.

In order to awaken love and sympathy in our hearts, sacrifices must be made. We must forget our own troubles in order to sympathize with the troubles of others. To relieve the hunger of others we must forget our own hunger.

Everybody is working for selfish ends, not caring about others, and this alone has brought about the misery in the world today. When the world is evolving from imperfection towards perfection, it needs all love and sympathy. Great tenderness and watchfulness is required of each one of us.

The heart of every man, both good and bad, is the abode of God, and care should be taken never to wound anybody by word or act. We are only here in this world for a short time; many have been here before, and have passed on, and it is for us to see that we leave behind an impression of good.

We cannot help believing the words of Buddha, ‘The essence of all religion is harmlessness‘. Harmlessness does not mean refraining from killing: one can kill many without killing. In order to kill a person one does not need to murder him; a glance, a word, a thought can kill a person, and that is worse torture than death.

It is this experience that will make us say, ‘My very feet, be conscientious lest you tread on the thorns lying on your path, lest they complain: You have crushed me’.

There is no end to consideration once a person begins applying this principle. If there is any religion it is in having consideration for everyone: earnestly to consider what feeling can be touched by a moment’s mistake.

If there is any abode of God it is in the heart of man. If the heart is touched wrongly it has an effect upon destiny, and we do not know to what extent.”

~ In the One.


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