Cancer is Not a Death Sentence: How to Survive Cancer

Below is a must read article that does a wonderful job of outlining the issues with traditional Cancer Treatment, and the wonderful natural products that may be just as effective, and 90% – 100% safer than toxic Chemo drugs.

I have written posts on each product mentioned in this article, and they quote Dr. Ralph Moss who was the first Complimentary and Alternative Therapy specialist I consulted with.  He was one of my Dream Team members I mentioned.

For the past 18 months, I have been taking all of the products mentioned in this article.

Please forward this article to anyone you know who is facing the difficult decision of treatment options, or who has gone through the process of treatment and is wants to prevent recurrence.

I have copied the opening section to get you started…


We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. This disease is personal, no matter who you are. And unfortunately, it’s only getting worse…
President Nixon declared a “War on Cancer” when he signed the National Cancer Act in 1971. Since then, many health authorities have pointed to statistics that supposedly illustrate our progress. Most often, they cite an increasing survival rate. But they’re missing the full picture.

Modern technology and aggressive screening programs detect cancer at a much earlier stage.  Plus, researchers include non-threatening cancers in the survival  statistics. So if your cousin Harry is still alive five years after he had that mole removed from his hand… he’s counted as a “survivor.”

Regardless of how the numbers are presented, cancer continues to increase. Since the 1970s, the incidence rate, the mortality rate, and the number of diagnoses have all gone up.

A hundred years ago, one out of every 33 people was diagnosed with cancer  in their lifetime. Today, nearly one out of every two Americans will be diagnosed.

If there is a war on cancer… modern medicine is not on the winning side.  But the good news is: There is a winner – and it doesn’t have to be cancer.

Cancer is NOT an automatic death sentence

Mainstream medicine has made virtually no strides in the fight against cancer. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress.

We now know how to reduce your risk of cancer almost entirely. And there are proven breakthroughs for treating the disease if you (or someone you know) have already been diagnosed.

You won’t hear about these treatments from an oncologist. He could even lose his license for recommending them. But they are safe, inexpensive and highly effective.  And most important, they improve the outcomes of standard treatment, while reducing side effects.

The “Business” of Medicine

Unfortunately, the goal of our current healthcare system is not to make people healthy… It is to make a profit.  That’s why it’s called the healthcare INDUSTRY!

Treating and managing disease is enormously profitable. Preventing it is not.  And nowhere is this more evident than cancer.

In May of 1986, the New England Journal of Medicine published a candid report. The co-author was Dr. John C. Bailar, a 20-year veteran of the National Cancer Institute who served as director of their Cancer Control Program. His report commented on modern cancer treatment.

It stated that,

“The main conclusion we draw is that some 35 years of intense effort focused on improving treatment must be judged a qualified failure.”

But Dr. Bailar and his colleagues did not just point to this dismal failure. They raised a solution. Dr. Bailar argued that the only way to win the “war” on cancer is to shift our focus to prevention.

Read the rest of the article here

~ To Your Health !


8 thoughts on “Cancer is Not a Death Sentence: How to Survive Cancer

    1. You’re so very welcome. It is so gratifying to know the decisions I made based on my consultations, are reinforced and echoed again and again by reputable, reliable sources! I wish I had a way to broadcast these articles to the world!! 🙂

  1. hoda, for moi cancer was a “life” sentence. When you live half of your life taking things for granted, and missing all the bright little gifts that surround you, cancer wakes you up with a jolt and gets you fired up and going. All my senses became heightened and i became enlightened .

    1. No doubt it is life-altering and priority-adjusting. I feel more aware of what’s really important. So glad you’re awakened to a new life. I hope everyone that walks in our shoes finds their new path, I think it’s the goal of this incredible process. xxx

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