Food Tour of Manhattan in Photos

I spent three days last week touring eateries and markets of Manhattan with a group of friends. I was not prepared for what I would find and see.  Manhattan has California beat for fresh, organic vegetable varieties and creative organic menus!  I thought we were cutting edge here, but was blown away by some produce I had never ever seen before.. like Wild Young Ginger, Black Garlic, and Huskberries!I have such a strict diet that it is very difficult to go out for dinner in my area of the East Bay, CA.  In Manhattan there were any number of quick food or formal restaurants that had something I could eat.  What a treat! t

The residents of Manhattan seem awfully happy to be living there, and many walk the streets with their pooches or children in tow.  We had one day of rain, but like everyone else, didn’t let it stop us from walking the 10 – 12 blocks between stops.  The Metro was easy to understand and use.  It was pleasant walking places, despite the crowded streets… I loved it!

The Whole Foods near Union Square is mind-boggling.  Soo many choices and a huge variety of ready-made foods, unlike any other location I have been to.  It took us 30 minutes to decide what to buy to take back to our hotel for dinner one night.

Below is a quick photo tour.

metal sculptures, Manhattan
At the Park

Radio City Music Hall
Falafel Cart

The next few are at a small chain called Garden of Eden, and when you walk in you truly feel like you are in the Garden of Eden.  The produce is beautiful and creatively displayed to embrace you as you walk in. The feeling in the small well organized store is amazingly nurturing.  I would move to Manhattan just to shop there!  The ready made foods are delicious, enticing and fresh.

We peeked into the kitchen and could tell that the people working back there loved what their work.  Their happiness permeated the store, and was probably central to popularity with customers. We asked how many hours they worked before the store opened to have everything ready, one of the guys pointed at a tiny woman turning large shrimps over on a grill and said, “She is the chef and she gets here at 6am. She loves her job.” We told them it showed all through the store.

Produce at Garden of Eden,
Olive bar at Garden of Eden
Food to Go Garden of Eden
Hot food, fresh and creative

Then on to lunch at the Wild Ginger. The Pineapple Stir Fried Rice was fantastic!

Pineapple Rice, at Wild Ginger_Mahattan

The pumpkin soup had rice, avocado, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cilantro, onion and other yummy ingredients.

Pumpkin Avocado Soup

Dinner was at the Fig and Olive, a ritzy restaurant in the West Village area.

Salmon tartare, zuchini w pesto @ Fig and Olive

We visited the Farmer’s MArket at Union Square, where I was blown away by the variety of Organic Produce, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Baked goods, Raw milk Cheese and Artisan Breads.

No Sugar Pie @ Farmer’s Mkt
A rainbow of Gorgeous organic Peppers
Flowers at Union Sq Farmer’s Mkt
I discovered Huskberries!

Huksberries: These tiny relatives of the Tomatillo, look just like a tiny bright orange tomato.. and taste like the sweetest pineapple!  Amazing!

Gorgeous Coxcomb
An awesome indoor court of several italian eateries. The NY Times says:  Eataly is an enormous and enormously crowded new Italian-food market and restaurant collection that opened off Madison Square Park: 50,000 square feet of restaurants and peninsular provisions, with a fishmonger and butcher (and vegetable butcher) and an espresso bar, a wine store, a pasta store, a cheese store, a cooking school, a kitchenware department and a great deal more.
Eataly, Manhattan

Eataly’s Deli and Cheese counter
Bakery @ Eataly
Cured meats counter
Chocolage display @ the original Dean and Deluca, Manhattan
Baked Treats and D&D
Inviting premade Sandwiches D&D
One of many Candy counters, D&D
Bakery_ D&D

After a lot of walking and Metro transfers, and eating, and buying finds to bring back home.. we would return to the comfort of our hotel suite at the Affinia Gardens on E. 64th St.

Affinia Gardens suite
kitchen in Suite

I can’t wait to go back. I would love to take my family with me next time.

Thank you for joining me!