Are You Fighting Back? It’s Up to You…

At about beginning of the 20th century, each American ate about 120 pounds of Meat annually; as of 2007, that became around 222 pounds.

In 1913, we consumed about 40 pounds of processed Sugar each; by 1999, that number had risen to 147 pounds, over 3 times as much!

In 1909, Americans enjoyed about 290 pounds of Dairy products apiece – by 2006, that figure had more than doubled to 605 pounds per person.

“The central protagonist of this dark scenario is the food industry and its profit demands. With billions of marketing dollars, it cajoles and entices us with its dairy, meat, poultry and eggs, as well as the myriad products laden with sugar, salt and fat. This ceaseless assault achieves its goal of convincing a vulnerable and uninformed, unprotected public to ingest food (if you can call some of those products food), that will make them fat and sick:

  • Obesity,
  • hypertension,
  • diabetes,
  • heart disease,
  • strokes,
  • gallstones,
  • lupus,
  • cancer and
  • an ever-increasing variety of allergies …

are but a few of the diseases associated with Western nutrition.”

Who protects the public?

Not our government: The US Department of Agriculture is the voice of our food industry. Every 5 years it constructs nutritional guidelines for the public touting foods that will guarantee ill-health for millions.

Not the American Dietetic Association, which is controlled by food corporations.

Not the Insurance industry, which profits by selling plans to the sick.  Not the Pharmaceutical industry, which pockets billions annually from chronic illnesses.

Not Hospitals, whose livelihood depends on our diseases… and not the Medical profession, in which doctors and nurses receive virtually no training in nutrition or behavioral modification, and are handsomely rewarded for administering drugs.  “  … Forks Over Knives

Did you know that every time an Oncology office administers Chemo drugs to a patient they get a huge monetary kickback from the manufacturer? Why would they consider any other treatment? That’s why they are so eager to line us up and inject us with potentially lethal toxic ‘remedies’, instead of allotting resources to enthusiastically explore the alternative non-toxic options that are being used with a respectable amount of success around the globe.

And please don’t let them tell you that since alternative or complementary therapies are not ‘clinically proven’, they are risky.  What is riskier than Chemotherapy? Drugs that make you so toxic you are told not to kiss or hug your family the first few days after treatment!  Drugs that have made people so sick they can’t continue the treatments… and many who have died from the side effects and not the disease. 

Only YOU can change your health and the future of your health. You can continue to be led by the nose to buy foods that have little nutritional value, or that are so processed and altered they are beyond recognition (to our body), or you can take back the power to control your own and your family’s health.

What greater gift can you give those whom you love and those who depend on you, than the gift of good health?

I had no problem when my children were young, and still don’t, telling them that more than two slices of pizza, or a hamburger WITH cheese, or a slice of pie that is larger than a normal serving… is NOT ok.  I frequently discuss the effects that simple carbs and processed foods are having on teen health, the health of this nation and the world. I want them to be informed; I want them to make wise choices.

Won’t you join me?

Write and tell me how you are fighting back or how you are helping others realize what’s going on.


~ Be Well!


4 thoughts on “Are You Fighting Back? It’s Up to You…

  1. It’s so good to hear from someone else who knows about the kickbacks doctors get from pharmas. It would boggle people’s minds if they knew about the expensive freebies doctors are given just to force these toxins down our throats. The risks completely outweigh the benefits – IF you’re among the lucky ones who experience any benefits.

    For the most part, my daughter and I have moved away from Western medicine (which has repeatedly failed us and so many others we know) and gone the alternative route. We’ve never felt better or more energetic, and I’ve shed 20 pounds NATURALLY, through healthy eating, and am now at my optimal weight. I’m following the anti-inflammatory diet and my daughter is on a diet to heal leaky gut (caused by antibiotics). Along with supplements and a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable alternative doctor, we’re doing very well and would never even consider going back to our old indulgences. Yes, we miss certain treats and get cravings, but we just think about what we would return to and we get through.

    My daughter is actually writing a recipe book to help people with leaky gut as well as for people who want to avoid food allergens and sugars without feeling deprived. She’s turned our kitchen into her test kitchen, and I’m loving it! 🙂 Her book will come out in 2013:

    1. Hooray for you both! How wonderful! It takes determination to make a change, but once you understand what happens to this poorly managed body of ours when we put whatever is in front of us in our mouths… it’s much easier. Thank you for sharing! hugs… Hoda

  2. I bought a DVD at Whole foods called FARMAGEDON. It was all about the FDA fighting the little farmer and closing down the little farmer, etc. I have it if you want to borrow it. Beth

    1. Thank you Beth… I can only imagine the sad events that take place. I know Monsanto is a giant behind putting small farmers out of business. I won’t buy anything they make, and I automatically vote AGAINST anything they Support!! xx

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