Tonight’s Unexpected Snafu – An Article on Anxiety Brings the Very Same!

It took practically an hour for me to be able to breathe deeply and freely again… an hour after simply reading the first few lines of a reply to an email I proactively sent to ensure approval of my re-posting an article I thought would be helpful to my followers… giving full credit to the author.  I initiated the email in a spirit of full disclosure, honesty and openness, expecting the usual courteous reply, thanking me for my interest and for giving proper credit.

The reply I received from the author in Canada floored me! I read two sentences and that was all I needed before I promptly deleted the Post on Anxiety and Ways to Cope.  I would never promote the work of someone who carried such wrath to begin with.

Before taking the time to evaluate this blog, its intentions and audience, and the fact that I did not mess with the content, nor hide the source, he felt justified in hastily typing a blasting email that left me knotted up for a full 60 minutes!  Wow.. I couldn’t focus enough to talk to my teenager when he said goodnight.

As I mentioned, the article was on Anxiety .. he had some good tips, nothing earth-shattering.. all available from a dozen sources, but he vehemently objected to my sharing it and demanded I take it down, which I did within minutes!  The humorous part is that his own words were perfect examples of what creates Anxiety in others.

I doubt he took the time to check if there was a live link to his site, which was the major reason for his over-reaction I believe.  I don’t know because I did not allow myself to read the full email.

I’m telling you this to demonstrate what we do to one another.

We bumble through life fiercely protecting what’s “ours” at any cost… heedlessly leaving victims of our strong ego-based attachments and harsh words.  If a stranger can write words that convey such negative energy to floor a person half way across the continent, what can someone a few feet from you do?

Learn to protect yourself from such outbursts.  The damage they do is real. It is an unconscious person who doles out such red-laced energy.  Sentiments can be conveyed with kindness, with understanding or with ego-satisfying indignity and ignorance.  Hold such people as far from you as you can.  Surround yourself with positive, grounded and kind people.

I will write an article on Anxiety at a later time.  I will share my own experience, and will draw on the knowledge of friends who professionally help others learn to cope and overcome this condition.

Stay happy and stay aware.

~In Good Health. 



11 thoughts on “Tonight’s Unexpected Snafu – An Article on Anxiety Brings the Very Same!

  1. Love you!
    Love that you are aware of this assault and are taking care of yourself.
    You are focusing on the opportunity this brings you, which seems to stimulate your commitment to continue with loving, steadfast openness, reaffirming what you value; choosing not to accept/focus on, or live in someone’s negativity. Sometimes people teach (write about, espouse) what they seek to learn, not what they know.
    Great course correction Dear One!

  2. Sorry to hear what you had to go through this causing by someone’s anxiety. Hope we get to read your article… You’re right we need to be supported and surrounded with positive, grounded and kind people.

  3. I agree that it was good to find out what he is like before promoting the work of someone who has such negative energy. I always find it odd when people are so protective of “their knowledge” and not willing to share it with the world.

  4. I enjoyed the very informative articles on anxiety. I was hurried & expected to return & review the information again. Imagine my surprise when I was unable to find the same info the second time around; especially since coping with emotions was an integral part of counseling life problems with my clients and their parents, or vice versa. Though retired due to physical health, I still watch for information about my favorite topics. Sorry you felt the need to withdraw it from your blog. I know you feel better at getting the load off your back. Congratulations on giving correct due to the origin of some of the information. I know you must feel satisfaction at being correct!

    Hope you don’t run into that big headed bear again. He needs to grow up!

    Warm regards,


  5. I will certainly write a post about anxiety symptoms and ways to cope soon. There is wealth of info on the topic, and I will do my research and condense it for a post. Thank you for your support. xx

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