Sunday Snippet – How Should You React?

Situations that are upsetting to us creep up all the time.  It’s life’s way of offering us lessons,  pushing us to raise our perspective and control what is often an over-reaction.

You’d think after 15 years of grasping this understanding, I would be an expert at controlling my reactions.  Ha!  I still find myself feeling upset and stewing.  But now it’s not as often, and I don’t stew for days.  Now I have some tools and I am able to discuss why a certain thing or situation has the potential of upsetting me.

I know that it takes 7 hours+ to reverse the chemical toxins released by negative emotions and thoughts.  That’s a long time to poison one’s body and ruin a perfectly lovely day… isn’t it?  And yet EGO has to express its dissatisfaction when things  don’t go as desired.

A good friend of mine, a healer, gifted me this beautiful tool not long ago.  It is so effective that I want to share it with you:

When something comes up that has the potential of upsetting you, take a moment.

Imagine two teacups: one a little old, not very pretty and full of a dark murky tea.  The other is a gorgeous, fine china cup with a happy floral pattern and full of golden light.

Which do you want to drink from?

dark cup_of_teapeacock cup

Do you choose the negative reaction, or the positive one?

Do you sip a murky tea that will probably give you a tummy ache that lasts all day, or do you choose to drink the cup of golden light and visualize the upsetness dissolving?

Fret not!

You can still correct the situation, or ponder a solution without the attached negative emotion.  Think how freeing it would be to have a calm, still, peaceful approach to life’s curve balls.



Drink LIGHT. 


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