The Olde Pink House Restaurant and Himalayan Dinner

So, have you seen the Olde Pink House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia?  It is a child’s and any adult who remains young at heart’s dream-come-true restaurant…!

Yesterday was my birthday… and if I had been able to choose where to go with no limit on distance, The Olde Pink would have been up there on my list.  Forget the fact that I probably can’t eat a thing on their menu.  🙂

olde pink house restaurnat, savannah, GA
This is what I thought was the Olde Pink House restaurant, per a website I read…

Below is the actual Pink House Restaurant!!  Disappointing but, pretty in it’s own down to earth way. 🙂

The Olde Pink House

Well, I opted for the one and only organic Thai food restaurant.. which happens to be in Berkeley.

We hopped in the car and drove to this little place that serves wild caught salmon, brown rice, organic chicken and organic veggies on a special menu.

As we walked  to the restaurant, after parking, we passed by the Himalayan restaurant, which is usually busy.  On a whim we took a look at the posted menu. We all love Indian food but don’t go any more since I can’t eat fatty foods and white rice.

Well, guess what!  They had an organic greens salad and an organic chicken Tandoor!!  You guessed it, we skipped Thai to try this out.  After all, Curry is super full of antioxidants, thanks to Turmeric, garlic, and all the other wonderful spices.

J ordered a Himalayan a Bhutan spicy chicken and veggie dish and the Basil Naan, my son had the Goat Curry, J’s daughter had the Tikka Masala and I had the Tandoor and Salad.  All came with a garlicky Lentil Soup.

My salad had just the right amount of a lovely light balsamic dressing.  You can see the Mango Lassi that J had.Mixed greens and Veg salad_Himalayas

To my utter surprise and pleasure, the Tandoori Chicken did NOT have the usual red coloring on it.  No guilt at all having this meal.  My brown rice was not as fibrous as I would have liked, but I only had a little.  That’s the Tikka Masala and white rice in the background.

organic chicken Tandoori, tikka masala

A good time was had by all.

~ In Good Health!


6 thoughts on “The Olde Pink House Restaurant and Himalayan Dinner

  1. If it makes you feel better about missing out on going there, that’s not the Olde Pink House Restaurant in the picture! That’s Minnie Mouse’s house at Disney! That would be a cool looking restaurant though!

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