Feeling Fatigued? The Culprit is Likely to Be Hiding in 75% of What You Eat!

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It seems that every few days a new post appears somewhere in the print or online media pleading with us to recognize that many of the health problems we are now dealing with can be traced to what we choose to feed our bodies.

Addictive ingredients are intentionally built-in to the foods we crave.  One of the most favored addictive ingredient is SUGAR.  From chips, to pasta sauce, to “healthy energy bars”, sugar has found its way into almost every snack and jarred food item.Pies

Time and time again we’ve proven that Wealth is always chosen over Health by the packaged food industry.

Unless we all become aware of this awful plot we are all pawns in, we are not going to recover our right to live in good health, nor are we going to protect our children from the rising risk of obesity and the negative health effects it guarantees.


Blood sugar () is the body’s main fuel, with the brain claiming a hefty 20% for itself. That’s why low can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, irritable and brain fogged.

High blood sugar doesn’t do you any favors either. It punishes the blood vessels in your body — from wide arteries to the tiny, cell-wide capillaries. The result is increased risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, nerve pain, blindness, foot ulcers that won’t heal, and amputations.

Unfortunately, we Americans eat a lot of glucose-raising sugar, with an astounding average of 150 pounds of food-processed sugar added to a person’s diet every year.

The result? Some experts predict that by 2020 half of Americans will be either prediabetic or diabetic! But you don’t have to be part of that half…

Colour Sweets

The message to take from this is that to feel well and stay healthy, you have to keep your blood sugar at an optimal level. And a few simple actions can help you do just that!

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Fatigued? The Culprit is Likely to Be Hiding in 75% of What You Eat!

  1. I know I don’t normally think about sugar in chips, to pasta sauce, and to “healthy energy bars”. Thank you for the information!

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