Edible Arbors and Quick Mini Healthy Tostadas

I have been thinking about arbors and trellises lately.  I placed my order for a trellis yesterday, and can’t wait till it arrives.

J has been at work in our backyard again this year, and transformed the area around our mulberry tree and benches by adding new tan bark.  It took three times as many bags of the stuff as I would have guessed… and most of a morning.

So now I long for a trellis with a climbing rose, like New Dawn: The yardstick against which all repeat flowering climbers are judged. In 1997 ‘New Dawn’ was voted the most popular rose in the world at the 11th World Convention of Rose Societies. Silvery, blush-pink, 3″ double flowershttps://cookingupthecure.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/old2bgarden2bphotos2b152.jpghttps://cookingupthecure.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/newdawn1.jpg

Another thought I had was to grow a vegetable in some unusual way, and today while thumbing through Sunset magazine at my chiropractor’s office I saw the picture below and loved it!

What a great idea.. beans happily growing on a decorative arch.

Runner bean trellis

So gotta get some beans… dialing Jack. 😀

Lunch yesterday was a rushed affair.  I had an open house to visit, and Carrot Soup for 14 to make.  One of my favorite new finds are these mini organic corn tortillas from WholeFoods.

Mini Tostadas pkg

If you remember our Good Carb Formula, then you can see that these are very acceptable, and meet the blood glucose test, i.e. fiber x 10 = more than total carbs.  In this case 30 to 27.

corn tortillas nutrition info

And at 27gr of carbs per 4 tortillas, you can have a yummy and filling meal.

Mini Corn Tostadas

It’s fun to add creative toppings and play with flavors.  Since I was literally flying out the door in minutes, I used what was ready and handy to create these…

Mini Tostadas

Guacamole, chopped tomatoes, green onions, chopped radishes, daiya cheese (or rice cheese), jalapeno peppers, and on the side some low fat re-fried organic black beans with cilantro garnish. All the veggies are high in vitamins and antioxidants.

Pop for two minutes in the toaster.. and Viola!  Lunch!

You can add shredded Chicken cooked with smoked paprika, or cubes of baked Cod for a more substantial meal.

Mini Tostadas 2

~To Your Health!


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