Falafel, Zaatar and Veggie Wrap – Gluten Free

By now you know that one of my favorite adventures is to rummage in my fridge for leftovers and fresh produce so I can create a quick lunch that meets our Cancer Prevention way of eating.

A couple of days ago, in the midst of a flurry of activity relating to our soon to be new home on the farm, I dashed to the fridge hoping I would find something quick for breakfast.  Thankfully I had a small plate of baked Falafel from the day before. So that would be my breakfast main feature!

I want to stray for a moment to discuss the second ingredient I chose: Zaatar.  I wrote about Zaatar in a post entitled Wild Thyme for a Wild Time (yeah, I know…) which talks about the awesome health benefits of this distinguished herb.  Zaatar is the name for Middle-eastern thyme.  It’s leaf is a little more round than the typical thyme you might buy in the U.S. at your local nursery, and the flavor is less peppery.


Where I grew up, in Lebanon, Zaatar is consumed almost daily, since one of the most traditional breakfasts is a freshly baked Zaatar open-face pie called Man’oushi.

It is a thin dough pizza pie, with Zaatar that has been mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac (the edible variety), salt and olive oil.  Small neighborhood bakeries begin making these delicious pies early every morning, and you can smell them a mile away!

This is to say, that in my home, there is always a bowl of Zaatar mixed with olive oil sitting on my counter, and is replenished as needed.

Hoda’s Falafel, Zaatar and Veggie Wrap

My ingredients:

  • A gluten-free Spinach Tortilla
  • Zaatar
  • Baked Falafel patties
  • organic Tomato
  • organic Cucumber
  • organic Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • and organic Parsley

Below is a progression of photos to lead you to my breakfast wrap!

Falafel-Zaatar wrap2
Spread Zaatar on Tortilla shell
Falafel-Zaatar wrap4
Add sliced Falafel, cucumber spears, tomato slices, mint leaves and parsley
Falafel-Zaatar wrap5
Pile on some sprouts, and roll
Falafel-Zaatar wrap6
Hoda’s Falafel, Zaatar and Veggie Wrap

~ Bon Apetit!


2 thoughts on “Falafel, Zaatar and Veggie Wrap – Gluten Free

  1. Wish I was very knowledge. I do not know what Falafel is, nor how to find zaatar. This wrap sounds so exotic and looks so delishious. I think I have to learn how to make it. I like wraps a lot. Would eat them everyday if i could keep enough ingredients for them in my fridge. I live in a small farming area and grocery stores do not have the same foods as in larger North East or West states. Georgia, in South Texas. Love your emails!

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