AVOID Buying These Brands.. Whose Makers Spent Billions to Defeat Prop 37 in CA

Prop 37

We already eat (and have been eating for decades) genetically engineered crops as well as the products made from them. We just don’t know when we are.  About 70 to 80 percent of processed foods sold in the United States are made with genetically engineered ingredients such as corn, soybeans, sugar beets and cottonseed oil. The seeds for these crops have been genetically altered in the lab to make them more resistant to pests and invasive weeds.

Prop 37 sought to change that. The measure called for genetically engineered foods to include labels on either the front or back of the product.  It would have prevented misleading use of the word “natural” on genetically engineered foods.  Proponents of Prop. 37 said research shows the risks of eating genetically engineered foods range from allergies to organ damage.

Who Was Against It?

Opponents, raising more than $45 million, had the backing of large agribusiness and chemical companies. Among those opposing Prop 37 are major farming associations, food and beverage companies, a litany of chambers of commerce and other business groups, and biotech organizations. The humorous thing is that some of these companies sell products that claim to be ‘natural’ and organic.

The list of big money donors to the anti-37 camp includes:

  • Monsanto
  • Dupont
  • Council for Biotechnology Information
  • Grocery Manufacturers Association
  • PepsiCo
  • Coca-Cola
  • Kraft Foods
  • Kellogg Company
  • and many more…



Support Our Right to Know


Boycott these products until their parent company allows us to make our own choice.


GMO companies


8 thoughts on “AVOID Buying These Brands.. Whose Makers Spent Billions to Defeat Prop 37 in CA

  1. I would like to avoid all of these businesses. I am unable to meats except some chicken, fish, and pork, & venison, when I can afford it. I do buy & eat garden vegetable burgers because I like the vegetables in them & I crave hamburgers! I have severe bone & joint pain when I eat beef, bison (buffalo), turkey, lamb, and some brands of chicken. I want a good steak so often, and no meat comes close to beef steak. I have given up many natural foods due to my health problems. Bread is the most difficult to find a substitute for. Good old French Bread with garlic butter & parsley flakes! I enjoy your recipes & those from Dr, Terry Wahls” who cured herself of crippling MS with a self researched Paleo Diet in her book “Minding Your Mitochondria”. I have not successfully followed all of her diet, nor all of your suggestions for diet too, but I am working towards this goal in hopes I can get better health wise. I need to be able to walk & sit without pain & agony. It is easy to find joy in life & I want to join in the activities as well.

    Thank you again for sharing your recipes & suggestions with us. Georgia c.

    1. I know you will be able to reverse the pain your body feels Georgia. Wheat and other grains are not so great for us.
      If you can’t find UDI’S brand gluten-free breads in your area, you may be able to order from Amazon. The best are either Chia-Millet or the Flaxseed one. I think you’ll love them.
      Also, if you can swing it PLEASE buy Curcumin supplement from Amazon. Here is the link: . It is an awesome Anti-Inflammatory. Take 1-2 with Breakfast and 1 at Dinner.
      Much love, H

  2. OMG some of the organic brands we use are on there! I’m shocked and SO disappointed. Not only will we boycott them, I’m also going to spread the word and let them know very publicly via social media why we will no longer buy their products. How awful.

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