A Single Habit That Slowly but Surely Destroys Our Health

My regular followers know how much I LOVE and AGREE with Dr. David Katz’ points of view on health and health issues.

The following article is another well-written, succinct presentation on a health issue that plagues a very large population in this country, and is beginning to expand into countries that have strayed from their cultural foods and cooking methods to adapt ours… Obesity.

I want you to Be Well, and Eat Consciously .. what goes into your mouth will either help you live a healthy, low disease-risk life, or eventually bring about your (earlier than necessary) demise. 

You can live to be 75 or 80 or 85 and keep going till the end, or spend the last 5, 10 or 15 years of your life with a chronic long term illness.  It’s up to you.
Nursing homes are full of people who did not make the best choices in their younger years.

There are no more than 2 questions when it comes to food choices:
1) is this good for my body and will it give me good health?

2) is this not good for my body and will it deteriorate my health?

I wish there was something more neutral and in-between about the foods that aren’t good for us. But there isn’t.

Fixing Obesity

Director, Yale Prevention Research Center

Earlier this week I spoke at a symposium on nutrition and public health at the Tuck School of Business at my alma mater in beautiful Hanover, N.H., Dartmouth College. Among others on the panel with me was Richard Starmann, the former head of Corporate Communications for McDonald’s. Those with even a modest number of Katz-column frequent flyer miles can readily guess how often he and I agreed.

One point Mr. Starmann made, more than once, was that rampant obesity and related chronic disease was enormously, intractably complicated and would require diverse efforts, a great deal of private sector innovation, minimal government intercession, lots of time, lots of money, and many conferences, committees and panels such as the one we were on to fix. I had trouble deciding where to start disagreeing with this one.

For one thing, if you have ever served on a committee, you likely know as well as I that the surest way to never fix something is to convene a whole lot of committees and panels to explore every possible way of disagreeing. Just look at our Congress.

But more importantly: Obesity is not complicated. And neither is fixing it. Hard, yes; complicated, no!

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~ In good health.


2 thoughts on “A Single Habit That Slowly but Surely Destroys Our Health

  1. This is where the old saying, “You are what you eat” comes in. It’s been joked about a lot, but the fact is that if you eat toxic things, toxic things will happen. And unfortunately toxins and other unhealthy foods have become the mainstay of many diets – so much so that they’ve become acceptable and no one even thinks twice about it. It’s considered “normal” eating. It’s what’s on menus, it’s genetic modification, and so much more. But I can say first-hand that even though we can never void our diets completely of these things, doing our best does make a difference, and we can feel the amazing difference both physically and mentally.Resisting the strong lure of delicious but unhealthy food choices is the biggest part of the battle, but it does get much easier and it’s definitely worth it.

    And now I’ll get off my soap box….sorry about that! 🙂

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