Resolve Emotional / Mental Blocks and Heal!

What is the Mind-Body Connection?

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our body is.

On the other hand, what we do with our physical body (what we eat, how much we exercise, even our posture) can impact our mental state, positively or negatively. This results in a complex interrelationship between our minds and bodies.Outcast 2

Based on numerous scientific and medical studies, and years of documented clinical evidence, there is no longer any doubt that we can change our attitudes, our ‘luck’ and certainly our health by uncovering mental or emotional blocks (be they old hurts, acquired bad habits, or self-denial), facing them and clearing or overcoming them.

Who is Dr. Lawrence LeShan?

Dr. Lawrence LeShan is the pioneer of psychological intervention for cancer; “The Father of Mind-Body Therapy”.

As a psychologist, Dr. LeShan first began working with terminal cancer patients using Freudian techniques and found that the traditional psycho-therapeutic approach was not effective.

He has published sixteen books, including Cancer As A Turning Point and How to Meditate (which have both become classics in their fields), and You Can Fight for Your Life, an early work about psychology and cancer. His books have been translated into 14 languages.

He discovered through his research that a majority of his clients had lost their enthusiasm for life prior to contracting cancer.  Whether they were aware of it, or not, they no longer believed they had, or could have, the kind of satisfying life they desired.Young Girl Dancing Happy In A Field

LeShan developed an approach that entailed helping the person search for what would be an enthusiastic life; to “find their song”, as he called it.  With this form of therapy, a majority of his terminal clients went into remission or their cancer resolved. According to LeShan, while this was remarkable, it was not unscientific.

This approach targets relieving stress on the immune system, and allowing the immune system to improve its’ ability to heal. He says he has known people who have not wanted to live very much, but no one who wanted to die. He is critical of therapists who leave their clients feeling guilty or feeling that somehow they were partially responsible for their cancer.

According to LeShan:

“Feelings and thoughts neither cause nor cure cancer, but they are integral aspects of the whole person. As you reshape the ecology of your total being with meaningful psychological and lifestyle changes, you can mobilize your own life force – whether dealing with a life-threatening illness, generally improving your health, or working toward a life of greater enthusiasm and zest.”

Quoting from LeShan’s website Cancer As A Turning Point‘ :

“The approach of focusing on a fuller, richer, more fulfilling life seems to be effective not only for people with cancer. When therapy is directed this way, recovered patients appear to increase their chances of non-recurrence. Those who are well appear to increase their chances of maintaining health. The “healing climate” created seems to maximize any individual’s potential for health.”
According to Dr. LeShan, a person can successfully make the changes needed without guided help.  His book “Cancer As A Turning Point” has exercises built in that will help ground the lessons and provide the path to uncovering your true ‘song’… the reason you are here on Earth.

Read how 3 of his patients turned their life and health around, and how you can unlock the door to your true life-song with the help of simple exercises:  Click Here.

~ Be Well.


2 thoughts on “Resolve Emotional / Mental Blocks and Heal!

    1. It surely has. In my own experience I was able to avoid skin burn and other dire effects of Radiation through imagery and positive projections during treatments. The radiation Doc was quite surprised how well I did.
      Visualizing myself as perfectly strong and healthy, and my cells inundated with golden healing light has continued to be my focus and thank God, my tests have been good.

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