Check Your E.V. Olive Oil – a Culprit in Inflammation?

I’ve discussed before that one of the major contributors to inflammation is our increased intake of Omega-6 fatty acids. these are found in seeds and nuts, and the oils extracted from them,   refined vegetable oils used in snack foods, cookies, crackers, sweets and in fast food, and meat from animals that are fed high grain diets.

Inflammation is the underlying cause of numerous diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and others.  Good for you fats are encouraged and Olive Oil has been shown to be beneficial to patients recovering from Breast Cancer, and for those who are at risk for Heart Disease.

Well, here’s a very unsettling discovery: many brands of olive oil are cut with less expensive vegetable oils. Even toil pourhose labeled “extra-virgin olive oil” are mixed with soybean, canola, hazelnut or corn oil.  With the robust association in published research between cancer and inflammation, it’s very disconcerting to discover we may be unwittingly consuming inflammation-promoting omega-6 oils in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In a recent investigation, olive oils from California fared better than imported e.v.O.O. If you are able to buy from the oil-producing estate you’re ahead of the game.  You generally get what you pay for, so skip the $6.99 bottle of Trader Joe’s olive oil and go for a local label California olive oil.  Make sure the bottle is dark glass (shows the producer cares about the freshness and shelf life of their oil), and store away from heat.

Read Tom Mueller’s book “Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil” (2013).  Also, Mark’s Daily Apple has a very good post on the topic.

You may want to check out the Winners of the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

olives greenThe Top Three Winners in 2013 are:

Delicate, Claremont, Ojai

Isern & Sons

Medium, Early Harvest, Mediterranean, Butte County 2013

Apollo Olive Oil
Robust, Barouni, Yuba County



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