Your 'Diet' is Defining Your Health

You ARE on a Diet, whether you know it or not… and most likely it’s the wrong one, especially if you are over your ideal weight, are pre-diabetic, have hypertension, weak immune system and easily get sick. It’s time to realize that what goes into your mouth defines your health.

Food is either healthy and will support your body, or unhealthy and will eventually lead to disease. It’s just a matter of time…the damage that simple carbs and sugar and saturated fat and processed foods are doing to your body is slow and steady.  You won’t realize the effects until the doctor visit that bears the bad news.

Don’t kid yourself, just because you grandmother lived into her 80’s and ate cream and sugar and fried foods is not an excuse to follow suite.  She did not ingest as many pesticides (since the 60’s), wasn’t exposed to as many toxins in the air, used less products with deadly preservatives, did not have the type of stresses we are seeing today, and ate meats that were not from caged animals that are force fed grains, instead of allowed to roam and eat healthy grasses.

Your body, and mostly your liver, are working overtime to keep you upright and functioning despite all the abuse they take.  You compromise your immune system every time you eat foods fried in hot oil, every time you give in and eat a rich, cream laden dessert, and every time you choose to drink a sodBakery D&D Manhattan 0912a.

At some point, you’ll over tax it, and allow the ever-present free-radicals to take the upper hand.  Inflammation begins and feeds heart disease, diabetes. cancer, Alzheimer’s and the rest of the gang.

Was that slice of coconut cream cake, and the burger from McDonald’s’ worth it?

In a few words:

Be Well.




3 thoughts on “Your 'Diet' is Defining Your Health

  1. That is so true. People don’t realize that we live in a different environment than our grandma did… People (kids too) don’t just eat, they overeat.

    1. Amy,

      Restaurant servings have grown by 30% in the last 15 years. Look at the evolution to 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp and the ridiculous amount of sugar in that one drink… over 100 grams, the equivalent of 25 teaspoons of sugar .. that’s 8 Tablespoons!!

      Then there’s the rest of the sugar laden, fat laden foods those people eat the rest of the day. It’s a wonder any of us are still walking upright!

  2. Very true,but unfortunately our children wan’t listen ,they are in such a hurry always that even if you cook the healthy food for them they don’t have time to taste it,

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