9 Ways Sugar and Carbs (even healthy) Impact Cancer


Are muffins, cookies or candies available in your oncologists office? Did your doctor tell you to eat milk shakes or sweets to help you maintain your weight? If you switched to whole-grain breads, cereals and pastas when you were diagnosed, are you still at risk?

The only way to know how many servings of carbs you can safely eat in a day (this includes ‘healthy’ carbs), is to test your fasting blood glucose levels (HA1C blood test < 5.3), and HsCRP, your inflammation marker. If they are in the ideal range with your current diet, then you are safe and on the right track.  Otherwise, dietary modifications should be a priority.

Your diet is unique to you and to your body’s Onco-metabolic environment.

The symptoms that make up the metabolic syndrome are:

  • Impaired ability to regulate blood sugar (glucose) and insulin
  • Increased waist size (women > 35 in., men > 40 in.)
  • Increased fasting glucose
  • Increased triglycerides
  • Low HDL
  • Elevated blood pressure

“Sugar feeds cancer” – what that means is that blood sugar levels, insulin and insulin-like growth factors influence cancer. Whenever your blood sugar rises your body produces insulin and insulin-like-growth factor 1 (IGF-1). These growth hormones have also been found to promote the growth of solid tumors in the breast, lung, and prostate. (IGF-1 is present in all Dairy products which is why it is not found in any recipe on this website).

Across the board, cancer mortality is higher in those with metabolic syndrome, increasing with the more symptoms one has.

You cannot follow a diet that works for someone else, without understanding where your ideal health markers are and which ones need your focus.

Averting Cancer and other inflammatory diseases is about fostering an inhospitable environment so they cannot progress.

Use this handy infographic to educate yourself and others about the role of insulin resistance in fueling cancer growth and progression. Let’s get the word out about the science linking carbs and cancer!

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9 Ways Carbs_Sugar Impact Cancer


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