Reason to Buy Food from Local Organic Farms

Lots Of Carp 3

Fish no longer eat other fish. Cattle eat corn, even though it makes them sick.

Chickens eat corn and fish. And fish eat byproducts from cows and poultry.

Even chicken feathers have become food.

fresh oranges2


California grows oranges, but sends them away because they’re too difficult to peel. The oranges Californians eat come from Australia.  (seriously?!?)

The food chain doesn’t look like it used to.


Demand for more food, and cheaper food, has created a food chain that’s motivated by making the greatest amount of food, at the cheapest cost.

It’s efficient, if you measure efficiency by corporate profits. But in terms of health and the environment? Grandma wouldn’t approve.

.. and neither should you.

For your health and the health of this poor planet. . . Pledge to buy only local organic, whenever possible.

~ Be Well.♥


2 thoughts on “Reason to Buy Food from Local Organic Farms

  1. Great points. We always buy organics, but it bothers me when I see that the produce has come from far away, which most often happens during the winters months. During warmer months we can be much pickier about buying produce from local farms – I do wish there was a local organic co-op we could join, though.

    1. It is too bad isn’t it. Local co-ops are great. Hopefully more of them will spring up.

      If I wasn’t tied to being in the city we’re in for multiple reasons.. including family and work… I would move the 55 miles to Napa (Ca.) in a heartbeat to be closer to the farms! Can’t wait to get our veggie garden planted.

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