Health Warning : Adya Clarity Detox Liquid

Adya Clarity detox liquid contains Aluminum, Sulfuric acid

TUCSON, Ariz. (March 25, 2013) – The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( has issued a consumer health warning over Adya Clarity, a “detox” product that was seized by the FDA in 2012 and tested at over 1200ppm aluminum.

The product is currently being marketed through a series of highly deceptive webinars that claim almost magical powers for the product. In reality, the product is primarily made of metals dissolved in sulfuric acid, and it was imported into the United States using the description “battery acid” on import documents.

Adya Clarity’s two most prominent metals are aluminum and iron. The manufacturer of Adya Clarity intentionally and deliberately refused to list aluminum on the label, instead listing beneficial trace elements such as magnesium.

Here’s the chemical breakdown of Adya Clarity, as tested by the FDA after they seized the product:

• Aluminum average 1040 ppm
• Iron average 1070 ppm
• Sulfuric acid average .927 %
• Lead .012 ppm
• Arsenic .027 ppm

The marketing of Adya Clarity is based on a parlor trick of pouring an acidic liquid containing dissolved metals into a glass of water, which is more alkaline.

The sudden shift in alkalinity causes particles (metals) to appear in the water. This is described by the deceptive marketers as a “cleaning” of the water.

Promoters of Adya Clarity, which include Matt Bakos and Kacper Postawski, claim that when the product is consumed internally, it pulls metals out of your body. In reality, the product introduces potentially toxic levels of non-organic iron and aluminum into your body.


Adya Clarity response: Label to be modified for full transparency, no internal use marketing without clinical proof (updated)

~ Be Well!


6 thoughts on “Health Warning : Adya Clarity Detox Liquid

    1. I was shopping for a water filtration system.. and so the marketing video came up on the side bar and I almost bought in… thank goodness I am a researching at heart and discovered the articles about them!

  1. Wow, that’s so scary. I’m so glad you posted about this! How on earth are they allowed to even modify the label – the stuff sounds toxic and should be illegal!

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