Cool Summer Treat – Watermelon Skewers

watermelon-cheese skewers txt
Watermelon-cheese skewers

This quick guest offering is inspired by an appetizer served at a hotel in Limassol, Cyprus.

Their version was served as triangles of watermelon which sandwiched triangles of cheese and lettuce wedged in between.

Yesterday I made dinner for my awesome Chiropractor, Dr. M., and his sweet receptionist Margo.

Since it was still around 80 degrees at 7:30pm (down from 100°F), I decided to make these but as skewers, with aged Gouda and Basil.

watermelon-cheese skewers prep
cut cheese and basil approx the same size

Tip: Gently punch a hole with the blunt end of the skewers into the middle of each square of cheese before you begin. This prevents them from splitting with you skewer them.


  • Cool Watermelon cut into cubes
  • Aged Gouda, cut into same size as watermelon, 1/8″ thick at most (you may try Feta if not too crumbly)
  • Fresh organic Basil, cut into squares or triangles to fit cheese

Skewer a watermelon slice, a piece of cheese, a piece of basil leaf, another watermelon cube and one more basil leaf.

Wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Easy, quick, delicious.

watermelon-cheese skewers 3 txt
Watermelon-cheese skewers

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