Would You Like Some Arsenic With That?

The following excerpt is from an article was published November 2013, by Dr. Isaac Eliaz.

It is certainly worthy of our attention, since toxins play a huge role in our overall health.


Tasteless and odorless, arsenic may appear innocuous enough; but it can be a deadly poison in your food. In sufficient quantities, the metal increases oxidation, destroys cells’ ability to create energy and ultimately causes major organ failure. To add to the danger, arsenic is a known carcinogen.toxic

Arsenic is everywhere. It’s found naturally in soil and plants. It’s used in pesticides, lumber, and infiltrates water supplies, particularly in rural communities.

For more than 60 years, farmers have fed poultry animal feed laced with arsenic because it makes the animals become fatter and grow more quickly.

The industry always argues that chickens excrete the poison and little, if any, ends up in the meat. We’re finding out this is simply not true.

High arsenic levels have also been found in rice and in rice products like brown rice syrup, rice flour, rice vinegar, rice breads and cereal. Research finds that arsenic concentrates in the rice germ that is removed to make white rice. So brown rice, which is a healthier food from the perspective of nutrient content, retains higher concentrations of arsenic.
Other studies demonstrate higher levels of arsenic in rice grown in the U.S. than in Basmati or Jasmine rice from Thailand or India. Rice grown in our Southern States were found to contain the highest arsenic levels. California’s had the lowest detected levels. Consumer Reports has a handy chart listing arsenic levels in many rice brands.


Because arsenic is so ubiquitous in the environment, food and water, it’s unrealistic to believe we can avoid it altogether. We must actively detoxify our bodies.

The first step is to adopt a cleansing diet: Avoid processed foods, white flour and sugar products, as well as forgoing non-organic dairy, meat, eggs or poultry.

Healthy fats are crucial additions. They support healthy cell membrane function.
A detox-oriented diet generally limits animal protein to smaller portions in favor of a colorful variety of vegetables and low glycemic fruits.

Consider adding a formula incorporating modified citrus pectin (MCP) made from the white pith of citrus peels, along with modified alginates derived from brown kelp, provides a gentle, natural way to remove heavy metals.

Medicinal mushrooms support immunity and have many capabilities with regard to detoxification.  For more rounded detoxing look into a formula that contains Astragalus root, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Dandelion and Stinging nettle, or most of them.  They support organs involved in waste removal, including the liver, skin, digestive tract and lungs.

Be diligent!

Read labels and check sources of your food supply, and regularly detoxify in a gentle manner to remove those toxins that escape your diligent eye.


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