Your Teeth Are in the Driver’s Seat !

Did you know that the state of health of your teeth is a powerful predictor of your overall health?

Did you know that 99% of Breast Cancer patients have some sort of Dental involvement?

Did you know that eating organic whole foods and flossing your teeth (or using a wooden toothpick) after each meal, is as critical to your health as exercise?

I would like to quote a section of an article written by Dr. Mercola, that highlights dangers of some dental procedures, and the adverse effect they can have on your overall health.

One of the best things you can do for your self is to find a Biological , or Holistic, Dentist.  Thankfully they are growing in numbers, albeit not as quickly as we need them to.

Implants Can Exacerbate Autoimmune Diseasesfile00049454399

Currently, implants continue to be done without bio-compatibility testing, and they are often used in extraction sites where cavitations (inflammation) are already developing.

Autoimmune diseases seem to be often aggravated or even initiated by metal implants.

Additionally, …when you place two dissimilar metals in your mouth, you essentially create a battery that will serve to drive the ions of the metals out of the metal into your mouth and generate electricity.

You may not realize it, but tiny electrical currents are foundational to the way your body operates biologically, and when you introduce a foreign source of electricity, especially one that is constantly there, you can introduce imbalances that can contribute to health problems.

This galvanic toxicity created when the metal in your mouth reacts with your saliva can over-stimulate your brain. This is true whether the metal in your mouth is a silver filling, a metal crown, or a metal dental implant.

Common signs and symptoms of galvanic toxicity include:

  • A metal taste in your mouth
  • A sensation of an electric charge when using metal utensils
  • Chronic insomnia

Finding suitable materials to replace the metals currently used is proving to be a challenge. However, you may now have access to a far better option if you need to have an entire tooth replaced.

Hopefully, by implementing the strategies below, it will never get to that point.

Health Implications of Cavities and Root Canals

Dental caries (cavities) is a reflection of systemic illness in your body. And, if you let it go long enough to where the cavity gets into the nerve and blood vessels, bacteria can hide in the tiny tubules of the dentin, causing chronic inflammation and infection that is near impossible to eradicate. So, never ignore signs like a toothache or a cavity.

Also, remember that they are major clues that your body is not optimally healthy and lifestyle changes are in order if you want to stop or reverse the damage that is already taking place.

As for root canals, nearly all contain colonies of bacteria that can cause major illnesses in your body. Even antibiotics won’t help in these cases, because the bacteria are protected inside of your dead tooth. And when these bacteria migrate, via your bloodstream to other areas of your body, they can contribute to or cause more serious ailments such as:

  • Heart and circulatory diseases
  • Arthritis and rheumatism
  • Brain and nervous system diseases

Attending to your dental health is just as important as eating right and exercising for physical health. The two are connected, not separate systems, and each affects the other.

  Do You Know What Makes for Healthy Teeth?file4421233875335

  Although many would like to believe that regular brushing and flossing is all that’s  needed for healthy teeth, it’s by no means the most important factor determining your oral health. Others insist that fluoride is the key. Don’t believe it! The most important aspect is actually your diet, without fluoridated water.

Hygiene practices are simply preventive aids that help minimize the destructive effect of a modern, refined diet, and fluoride causes far more health problems than it’s believed to fix.

If you want to have healthy teeth, and a similarly healthy body, you must start from the inside out, and that means cleaning up your diet.


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