Can 12 Minute Workouts Rival Cardio?

Even when you don’t have a lot of time… You can squeeze in 10 minute workouts.

There is a growing understanding in the fitness world that working out longer won’t necessarily get you better results.

And yet, many people still diligently put in an hour or more on the treadmill or elliptical machine three or more times a week.

But not only does regular, steady-state cardio take way longer to actually do, it’s also way less efficient overall than12-minute-athlete-push-ups-850x400 high intensity interval training (HIIT).
In fact, if you gave up all regular cardio and replaced it with HIIT-style training, you’d not only have way more time in your day, you’ll also be in better shape.

Here are 5 reasons to ditch your regular cardio for HIIT today:

1. It’s more efficient.

2. It’s way less boring.

3. You can do it anywhere.

4. You’ll get in better shape in less time.

5. It’ll get you strong.


Youtube has a large number of 10 minute workouts targeting different muscle groups.  They’re easy to do before you shower in the morning, and actually fun.

Check out the Popsugarfit videos.


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