‘Evolution of Organic’ – help fund this FILM!

‘Evolution of Organic’ brings us the story of organic agriculture, told by those who built the movement.


A motley crew of back-to-the-landers, spiritual seekers and farmers’ sons and daughters rejected modern chemical farming and set out to invent organic alternatives. The movement grew from a small band of rebels to a cultural transformation in the way we grow and eat food. By now organic has mainstreamed, become both an industry oriented toward bringing organic to all people, and a movement that has realized a vision of sustainable agriculture.

The next generation are broadening organic; what lies “beyond organic”; and carbon farming and sequestration as a solution to climate change – maybe the best news on the planet.

Mark Kitchell — maker of Academy Award nominee Berkeley in the Sixties and A Fierce Green Fire, about environmental activism – is directing and producing. Organic insider Sibella Kraus is collaborating. Legendary editor Robert Dalva is slated for the fine-cut.

Evolution of Organic just made it to rough-cut – a giant first step.Organic Apples

First feedback is all positive. Six former funders and a generous grant from Gaia Fund got us this far. Now we’re raising funds to finish the film. Help us make it to the (Sun) dance on time!

Watch the TRAILER and become part of history!

What We Need and What You Get

  • $140,000+ has been raised so far. An estimated $160,000 is needed to finish:
  •  $25,000 for additional interviews and shooting B-roll
  •  $25,000 for graphics, animation and music
  •  $25,000 for mastering and licensing archival film and photos
  •  $25,000 for production staff and overhead
  •  $40,000 for editing the fine-cut
  •  $20,000 for finishing costs like sound mixing and onlining

The Impact

Imagine all the things a good film on the organic movement could do:

  1. — educate and inspire young and old to become part of organic and build the movement
  2. — recruit the next generation of organic growers
  3. — build organic from 4% of total food sales to 20% or even 80%
  4. — expand acreage in organic from 1% to 10%
  5. — appeal to the 70% of consumers who occasionally buy organic to become regular eaters
  6. — introduce ideas about carbon farming and sequestration as a solution to climate disaster. The world needs to know about this big breaking story.
  7. — explore what lies “beyond organic”: soil microbiology; nutrient value of food; sustainable agriculture; wildlife conservation; reforming the food system and justice issues; transforming agriculture…
  8. — diversifying organic to cross ethnic and class barriers
  9. — spreading organic internationally
  10. — grow the “brown revolution”

Our previous films have reached millions

They opened at prestigious festivals; had extensive theatrical and non-theatrical releases; grassroots outreach and engagement campaigns; sold to every school and library; became evergreen titles in home video; and reached all over the world.

Berkeley in the Sixties was nominated for an Academy Award, won the Sundance Audience Award and other top honors. It’s a well-loved classic, a defining film about the  movements that shook America in the 1960s.

 A Fierce Green Fire was broadcast nationally on PBS’s American Masters on Earth Day 2014. It too is becoming a defining film, educating new generations about environmental activism. Our hope is that Evolution of Organic will become a defining film as well.

Your donation is tax-deductible!!!


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