I provide  consultations to help you navigate available treatment options and discuss what you should be doing right now. 

Depending on your situation, I can provide referrals to nationally recognized Integrative Medical Professionals to help you with decisions, and to tailor clinically-proven supplement regimens to strengthen your immune system and help any other treatment work more effectively.

Phone technology

I will discuss the important steps to take to help your body get through chemo and/or radiation with minimal side effects; how to deal with hair loss; how to use positive thinking to skyrocket your healing; and how to put together meals to help your body maintain its strength.

  • E-mail consult:  Initial $40,  follow-up $15/ email

  • Phone consults:  (prepaid )  $45/ half hour, $80/ hour.

  • To book my 2 hour seminar on “Cooking and Eating for Optimal Health   for a group, please contact me.

    Sessions are 2 hours long.  Each attendee receives a packet of valuable health tips, recipes and resources, plus a quick antioxidant hand scan to assess your immune health!

~ God Bless

15 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have been looking for the recipe “udi’s millet seed bread” which you mentioned in the last blog. I am unable to find that recipe.

  2. I have a question about your upcoming presentation in Lafayette, Calif. that wouldn’t be of interest to all for posting here. Is there an email address at which I can contact you?

  3. Hello — I came across your beautiful site while trying to answer this question: “is there any harm in just taking Thuja?” — i.e., as a preventative measure / proactive measure against breast cancer if you are fibercystic?

    1. I told my class attendees I would share the recipes of foods I had them taste, which are not all ready for prime time.. no photos etc..
      So I decided to make them private for now, but will remove password once I get them polished. 🙂
      Best to you!

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