I am a chef, recipe-developer, past Cafe owner/caterer, a mom, aunt to 19 nephews and nieces, creator of natural personal products.

In 2011, after a personal transformation through cancer, and with the encouragement and the help of my darling daughter, I started this blog. I wanted to help others navigate through the complex, and at times frustrating journey from illness to good health… based on a wide range of proven options…with a strong focus on Cancer.

What makes us sick, which foods heal, and proven options to reverse inflammatory conditions like Cancer, Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes, are discussed here.

Clinical studies are now more frequently initiated comparing the power of foods and supplements to toxic pharmaceutical drugs in the prevention or curing of disease.  In some cases the former perform as well as… if not better than… pharmaceuticals, without any of the negative side effects.

mortar & pestle, marble

You can greatly improve your health, and as a bonus achieve your ideal weight without having to make it your focus, by

  1. eliminating simple carbs, fried and processed foods from your diet
  2. increasing the Super Foods and Spices featured here
  3. taking targeted Supplements (since our food no longer contains the nutrients it used to) based on 6 simple blood tests
  4. making use of therapies like acupuncture, massage and meditation.

There may be a time to consider traditional, more invasive therapies and treatment for illness, but initially you may wish to consider less dire options, even as an adjunct to such treatment.  At the very least use them to lessen side effects.

My journey began in 2009, and is explained on the ‘Aboutpage.

It transformed my body, my priorities, my understanding of food, my diet and happily my health for the better.

Many years of research and study have expanded my knowledge of nutrition and food choices in ways I couldn’t have imagined, and uncovered the shameful actions of a ‘profit-at-any-cost’ food industry with the sole aim of making us addicted to the nutrient deficient junk food that is making us sicker and sicker.

I know how I felt then, and I know how I feel now. 

The damage which commercial, processed foods cause to our very tissue, and the potential inflammation (i.e. heart disease, diabetes and cancer) they stimulate just isn’t worth the lab created flavors we’ve come to consider as food.

All the recipes posted have healing qualities and are approved for diets that prevent the progress of disease,
and in many instances, aid the healing process.

For those considering traditional Cancer treatment:

It is CRITICAL that you support your body before, during and after Chemo and Radiation by taking the right mix of supplements during each phase.

Many patients have complications from the toxicity of the drugs and are unable to complete the full course, therefore the whole treatment.

Do your homework!

For consultations or referrals CONTACT ME.  My best to you, in Good Health!

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I had no idea you offered so much info & so many ways to use your site, plus the extra recipes. I did not have cancer, however I am plagued with several severe & chronic illnesses which have almost crippled me, plus something like MS or Lupus; even though I quit eating or drinking most foods, drinks, or edible items which might harm people. Still, I keep getting “sick”.

    I am soaking up info from your blog site, plus have ordered a book by Terry Wahls, who has researched MS, being reduced to getting around in a wheelchair, from an able person with poor prognosis, to now. She walks, ia active in sports, and works as normal now. I believe she is a nurse. Her research led her to the or a paleo diet, then her own partial paleo diet. She recommends the paleo diet for quicker recovery of health.

    I bet you already know this. I do not know, but I believe I saw mention of her through your newsletters or blogs. I do not know correct computer talk, but for now I must concentrate on getting my printer fixed, and learning enough and remembering enough to be able to cook & eat with your info, and with hers as well. I must get as well as I am able to be!

    So far, for more than 6 years I have been struggling with many doctors & others who think I am losing my mind. They have too much trust in doctors & medications! They tell me I read material written to make someone else wealthy, and rip me of any money I have. (I no longer am able to work & have no salary. Just a small bit of social security), but I know some of the health news is not news that will do me much good. I do lots of research, and did it also before I became so disabled with bone problems & disabling pain.

    I have to believe in my goals, and the ability to reach my goals. I am so glad to have resources like yours to inspire me & keep my spirits high? It is also awesome to read your history & know of your success & the great amount of heart for you to share your life with others & to help them/us.

    Thank you & warm regards,

    Georgia carman

    1. Georgia, Thank you deeply for sharing your situation. I am touched by your remarks and I wondered if you have ever consulted with a Nutritionist. I can highly recommend one if you like, to have a phone consult with.
      Diet/supplementation and positive imagery are, to me, 60% of a person’s healing power.
      Do let me know if you’d like that referral and I can email you.

      Much, much love… Hoda

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